10 Mind Blowing Scientific Inventions and Discoveries by Women

Men aren’t the only ones who can invent and discover things in the world. Women have made a significant impact in the world of invention and discovery throughout history. They have created inventions and discoveries that are still relevant today. Women were hardly recognized in the past for what they could contribute to the world. What an injustice? Here are women that should be acknowledged for their inventions and discoveries.

1. The Submarine Telescope – Sarah Mather

Sarah Mather gave us a view of the ocean floor when she patented the submarine telescope in 1845. If she hadn’t patented this amazing invention, it would have never been acknowledged as hers. So before 1845 we didn’t even know the ocean had a floor. How amazing is that? People thought that the ocean went on for days. Without Mather’s invention of the submarine telescope, we would have been in the dark about the floor of the ocean.

Utility Patent Number 43,465 Patent # 43465 Submarine Telescope Sarah P. Mather

It was originally used for inspecting boats. The submarine used a lamp like device that was placed on the glass globe of the submarine, which sunk in the water. From their boats people could see the hull and other details of the boat. If boats needed repairing, the submarine telescope was used to identify the problems so they could get the necessary repairs to function properly. With its ability to float under the water and its ability to use light, this telescope would still be useful today. It may have accidently discovered the ocean floor, but we are forever grateful to know more about our oceans.

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