Why does Pakistan cherish tyrants and invaders like Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad of Ghor?

In this article we will find out the real reasons why Pakistanis love & cherish tyrant invaders like Mahmud of Ghazni. We will describe in detail the reaosns for their love for Arabs, Tyrants & reasons why they like to associate themselves to the Arabs and Afganis. Historically most of the Pakistanis are Indian Hindus who were forcefully converted to Islam by muslim invaders.


Biography Of Ghaznavi :

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi OR Mahmud of Ghazni (Persian: محمود غزنوی‎; 2 November 971 – 30 April 1030) was the first independent ruler of the Turkic dynasty of Ghaznavids, ruling from 999 to 1030. At the time of his death, his kingdom had been transformed into an extensive military empire, which extended from northwestern Iran proper to the Punjab in the Indian subcontinent, Khwarazm in Transoxiana, and Makran.

Mahmud ascended the throne at the age of 27 upon his father’s death, albeit after a brief war of succession with his brother Ismail. He was the first ruler to hold the title Sultan (“authority”), signifying the extent of his power while at the same time preserving an ideological link to the suzerainty of the Abbasid Caliphate. During his rule, he invaded and plundered the richest cities and temple towns in the regions of present day India 17 times, and used the booty to build his magnificent capital in Ghazni.


We must never praise or cherish any tyrant or invader. We should never see through the glasses of religion. Politics and religion are separate things. We must not mix them. Political science is mother of other subjects.It is Science not collection of blind beliefs and faiths.
Invader is invader , he/she may be Muslim or non Muslims, theist or atheist. He/she must be respected/hated due to his/her role.
We must study history through scientific approaches and thinking not by beliefs, faiths and ethnic point of view.
If we believe Mahmud Ghaznavi and Muhammad Ghori were invaders, then as a realistic human rights activist and political analyst, we must hate them.
No one have right to attack and invade the territory of other people and country on any basis. The history has proved that Arab, Ghaznavi , Ghori and other invaders not only looted our people, states and countries but slaughtered our ethnicities.
In Sindhi is well known saying:

Jadhen tadhen Sindhri Kandhaaraan jokho.

Which means Sindh has always danger from Kandhaar(The area of Afghanistan). The invaders Ahmad Shah Abdali, Madad Khan Patham, Shah Beg Arghun and others attacked and invaded Sindh and came from the way of Kandhaar.Mughul invaders also chose this route to attack Sindh.
They never cane their to preach any religion but to occupy our resources.
We the people of Sindh never cherish invaders. We hate them.
We must praise and love the persons who sacrificed their lives in the protection and defence of our native and indigenous people.They may belong to any faith, belief and religion.


Q: Why does Pakistan cherish tyrants and invaders like Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad of Ghor?

Pakistanis take a pride of being the descendants of Ghori & Ghazni which they are not and is the main reason of loving & cherishing them. Pakis are actually hindus who converted to islam centuries back which they are trying hide from the muslim world by praising ghori & ghazni.

Pakistan does not have any indigenous historical heroes so they take on foreign heroes as their role models. Few reasons why Pakistani government or army might cherish Ghori/Ghazni:

  1. Psychological tactic/reminder – Well these were the muslim fundamentalist who did defeat India. So naming Pakistan’s weapons these helps remind India that smaller Islamic country can still harm it. Note missiles are named by army and as professionals they will usually come up with “professional” reason. But real reasons are #2 & #3 below.
  2. Imagining Greatness vs. recognizing loss: Well it is difficult to accept that maybe your forefathers were forced to convert or foremothers raped. So might as well think that you are direct descendant of Ghazni/Ghori/Muhgal/Arabs
  3. All that matters is religion: These were Islamic conquerors who defeated Hindus. Pakistanis have made 1 religion superior to others by their constitution, they have filled their books and their children’s minds with hatred so they cherish invaders as long as these invaders are muslim.

Pakistanis don’t cherish ALEXANDER who had also invaded and was greater warrior than these 2 – because Alexander was not muslim. If Alexander was muslim – Pakistanis will start imagining they are descendents of Greeks vs. Ghazni/Ghori/Arabs


Pakistan is an Islamic state and has deep rooted hate for India due to religion (we are kafirs for Pakistani) and partly due to jealousy from progress of India anyways most of Pakistanis are brainwashed since childhood into believing that India oppressed muslims , (Yeah and they are nice to hindus and christians) and most grew up into believing that they are descendants of Turks , Arabs , Persians etc which is mostly not true as most have just a drop or two of foreign blood in them (It applies to East Pakistanis , west Pakistanis are different case but not as most Afghans would expect).

Now they think they are descendants of those heros (barbarians lol) who raped and destroyed India which is quite funny as intelligent ones are aware that actually even their ancestors were raped and killed by ghurids and ghaznis but still refuse to acknowledge it and con themselves into believing that they are descendants of these invaders and their ancestors were hammer not nail whereas reality is entirely opposite

Now let’s come to my favourite part the Iranian ethnic groups of Pakistan I.e Afghans and balochs , I don’t care a darn about your personal opinion and your superiority complex ( which is based on racism and religionism) and I am going to be blunt and honest with you , You are ancestral Hindus and then Buddhists and lastly muslims (although you converted much earlier then southern hindus) , you were first target of real ancestral muslims for Ghaza – e – hind (dream of muhammad) i.e Arabs and neither ghuri nor Ghaznis were your forefathers they were Turks not Afghans (Surprise!) .

They were ancestral from central Asian steppes and you are on its crossways between subcontinent and central asia thus most Turkish invaders settled here due to its proximity to real target I.e Indian subcontinent which includes Pakistan and these invaders overtime adopted Afghan culture but still never gave up their Turkic identity and never considered themselves as Afghans , Now one more twist even Turks cannot be called true Muslims as only Arabs were original muslims

Now let’s come to missiles, most Pakistanis are delusional on will about their heritage and ethnicity and want to believe they are not natives to their home I.e Indian subcontinent as they don’t want to be associated with kafir hindu identity and are descendants of foreign invaders and also they consider whosoever invaded India as heros and by naming their missiles after people who raped and killed their ancestors they are showing their immaturity and fat headedness.

GHAZNAVI - Surface to Surface missile on Pakistan Day
SHAHEEN III – Surface to Surface missile on Pakistan Day

Q : So How many missiles Pakistan have?

Pakistan appears to have six currently operational nuclear-capable land-based ballistic missiles: the short-range Abdali (Hatf-2), Ghaznavi (Hatf-3), Shaheen-1 (Hatf-4), and NASR (Hatf-9), and the medium-range Ghauri (Hatf-5) and Shaheen-2 (Hatf-6).

They think they are giving respect to their assumed forefathers (Ghaznis and ghoris) who on the contrary even if are their ancestor it can be only through rape which means they are considering rapist of their foremothes as their heros.



1.) They are muslims

2.) They plundered India

3.) Hmmmm. Enough , we got a Pakistan national hero and an ideal for our future generations

I think pakistan should now stop acting so pathetically foolish and should focus on their development as their real victory not bashing India

Historical Figures seen as victorious representatives of their religion

A lot of Indian Hindus cherish Shivaji and the Marathas. For both Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus, these historical figures are seen as victorious representatives of their religion which challenged and triumphed over the other religion through military victories.

This is why Punjabi Muslims support Ghazni and Ghori who ransacked, pillaged, massacred, raped, enslaved, and ruined the people of Punjab.

Likewise for many Sindhis regarding Muhammad bin Qasim, and Kashmiris regarding the Shahmiri and Chak rulers.

When religion clouds your vision and warps your mindset, enemies of your ancestors become your heroes and friends become villains.

In India too, you have Gujaratis, Goan Hindus, Kannadigas, Rajasthanis, Haryanvis, Bengalis, etc, praising Shivaji and the Marathas, even though they looted and subjugated their ancestors, and perpetrated great atrocities in these lands. They are ignorant of history, and what matters to them was that the Marathas were Hindus who defeated and conquered Muslim empires and kingdoms.


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