10 Reasons Why Cloning Is Bad For Humanity

9. Used For Evil

Evil exists in the world, but this is just messed up. Yes clones can be used for evil. They can be bought and sold to bring destruction upon the world. They will only be seen as property and tools to do evil people’s bidding. Armies will rise and take over the world so don’t even think about cloning humans. It will be the worst mistake you ever made.

Ethics are thrown out the window when clones are created to do the bidding of power hungry people. A black market may appear where clones are sold to commit crimes for people who don’t want to be linked back to their crimes. It’s all a big fraud when clones are thrown into the mix. Clones are objects and nothing more. They look like people, and the human race is using them to shape the world how they see fit by any means necessary. What does it really saying about the human race?

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