10 Reasons Why Cloning Is Bad For Humanity

8. Life Means Nothing When It Comes To Family

Family is everything for the human race. It’s an artificial love between parent and so called clone child. You’re not giving birth to your own child. You’re giving birth to you or to someone else who all ready exists in the world as an adult. Parents are taking home a child that is far from unique, but they will pick a clone that has certain qualities that they want in a child. This is no way to build a family.

An unbalance will be created in society if cloning becomes a normal way of life. Families will be devastated and torn apart by the change in their family structure. You’re bringing a cloned child into your family to make it perfect. It only makes your family insecure and unworthy of your love. The clone child is everything you’ve ever wanted because you were able to pick out its qualities. Your human children feel like they don’t matter or measure up to the clone child and as a result your perfect family comes crashing down.

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