10 Reasons Why Cloning Is Bad For Humanity

7. The World Is Not So Accepting

You think being a normal human being in the world is hard enough well try being a clone. You could be considered nothing but a vessel for carrying human organs. You’re a second class citizen, but you’re more perfect than your human counter part. It’s possible the original human could be rejected socially because they don’t compare to the perfection of the clone. A clone can also not be accepted because it is too perfect.

Human beings are insecure about their appearance as it is, but clones can only make you feel like there’s something wrong with you as a human being.
The world will never fully understand cloning and as a result they will never be accepted. When something is different, people tend to be less accepting of it. Clones are born to serve the human race. Nothing more, right? Rejection is a harsh reality for clones as well as human beings. A clone’s perfection can very well kill off the human race because people feel they are no longer needed, no longer a valuable part of the world.

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