10 Reasons Why Cloning Is Bad For Humanity

10. It’s Unnatural

The laws of nature are completely turned upside down if cloning becomes successful. Cloning should never exist because it’s unnatural. Clones are made artificially and are not born naturally like human beings. The whole process messes with our world’s ecosystem. The world is in danger if scientists ever perfect the process of cloning. Lets hope that never happens.

The way humans are conceived is no matter of importance anymore. Reproduction of human life is used as an instrument for selfish purposes. When the laws of nature are manipulated in the interests of scientist who think they can change the world for the better, havoc erupts because they don’t understand the full extent of what they’re doing to the world. It’s all about succeeding in cloning, not how they will impact the world we live in. If too many successful clones are made, its unnatural process will result in some serious problems for the human race. Cloning is wrong and is a practice that should stay buried, FOREVER!

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