How a German Vet saved hundreds of Stray Animals infested with Mango Worms – Vet Clinic Gambia

 Following video is a worst case of mango worms ,was filmed by Dr. Michael Meyer, a german vet from Berlin,  who realised there were no facilities in Gambia to look after stray animals and set up a veterinary surgery in 2009 called ‘Vet Clinic Gambia’. Mangoworms in humans are also common, with hundreds of videos of their removal from human flesh.

Gambia has uncountable mangoworm infested animals (specially dogs) with new cases of mango worms emerging from cats and squirrels as well.

Animal lovers can check out Vet clinic gambia Facebook , Youtube & donate on Patreon if you like. All donations are used to improve the life of stray animals who are suffering from MangoWorm Horror .

Tiny puppy has HUNDREDS of worms squeezed from his skin after being rescued by horrified tourists in Gambia

  • Six-week-old puppy brought in to clinic by worried German in Gambia
  • Dog can be heard whimpering as vet conducts painful procedure
  • Clinic set up by holidaymaker in 2009 to help stray animals in resorts
  • Vet explains that mangoworms are a common problem in stray animals

They are the strays that spend their lives on the streets in Gambia, with nobody to care for them.

But thankfully this six-week-old puppy is given the care it needs after concerned passers-by spotted that it was riddled with parasites.

In a disturbing video filmed by a charitable veterinary clinic, the distressed animal is seen whimpering as it has hundreds of worms squeezed from under its skin. The puppy was brought it after a German ex-pat spotted it on the streets of Sukuta and realised it needed treatment.

Mangoworm infestations, caused by the mango fly laying eggs and larvae growing under the skin of animals, is a key problem in Gambia. This young visitor in particular was lucky to be picked up by the caring vets, after becoming riddled with thousands of the maggots.

Squeezing out the worms, measuring between 3-4mm in diameter, the vet films the procedure as the puppy whimpers in the background.

The larvae of the parasite, known by its scientific name Cordylobia Anthropophaga, settle under the skin of hosts, both animal and human, and grow there until they can emerge and drop off.

With one woman counting in the background, the video shows 50 worms being squeezed from the distressed puppy’s leg in the space of just a couple of minutes. The vet then moves on to release more worms from the puppy’s stomach and other legs.

The veterinary surgery told  us ‘They are very common in Gambia, every dog and gets them sooner or later.

‘Usually the infestation is not bad, adult dogs can stand up to 100 maggots without being seriously affected. You will see/feel a lump under the skin and have to squeeze it out once the maggot is 3-4mm in diameter. To squeeze before won’t work as the maggot has spikes and holds on to its host.’

The surgery spokesperson goes on to explain: ‘They have to come out, that’s the only way. Either when they are ready and fully developed by themselves, or by the owner/caretaker before that.

‘The problem is that owner/caretaker often does not give a sh** or does not exist, we have a huge amount of dogs on the streets of the Gambia. That’s my main work.’

The charitable veterinary surgery aims to educate and raise money to tackle issues in Gambia by uploading the videos to YouTube, where the surgeons and assistants have a loyal group of followers.

Commenting under the video, which has had more than four million views, animal lovers worry about the outcome for the young dog.

Dr. Misha's has saved hundreds of puppies from Mangoworm Infection
Dr. Misha’s has saved hundreds of puppies from Mangoworm Infection

The veterinary charity explains on its website: ‘We are a group of like minded people, concerned with the welfare of beach and street animals in The Gambia.

‘We are based in The Greater Banjul Area of The Gambia which is the most densely populated area with many tourists visiting during the season – October to April.’

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