40 Unstoppable Women Who Are Changing the World

39. Jennifer Lawrence

“In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress that doesn’t have anorexia rumours! I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I’m invincible. I don’t want little girls to be like ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner’.”

The modern-day Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lawrence beats off competition from the likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus for a place on this list as a person with a defining influence on young people and women today.

Fearless and brave like her character from the hit film, The Hunger Games, Jennifer is relatable to modern men and women and is not afraid to speak out for others.