40 Unstoppable Women Who Are Changing the World

We have assembled a list of great women from a wide range of industries, who have each experienced hardship in different forms. Many of these women are also established and impactful public speakers, who tour the world to share their important message of female empowerment.

Meet the women who have helped create a thriving society where equality duly prevails. The inspirational women of today, the women who are going further, doing more, breaking through barriers, and giving people courage. In no particular order, here are 50 of the most inspirational women of the 21st century who are changing the world today.

1. Queen Rania of Jordan

Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan naturally inherits hero-like traits such as determination and caring. She is highly influential to anyone of any age. Queen Rania of Jordan is a hero because she is determined and fights for what is right and wants the best for her country and her citizens. Her Majesty Queen Rania was listed amongst the World’s most powerful women according to Forbes magazine.

As queen of Jordan, Rania championed an array of causes, including the rights of women and children, access to education, environmental concerns, and the development of strong communities.