Uma Thurman Feet

How Tarantino’s Actresses Feel About His Feet Fetish

Quentin Tarantino is easily one of the biggest film directors like…ever. The star has created some of the best classics, like Pulp Fiction, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and Kill Bill to name a few, however one thing many fans don’t know, is that the director has been said to have quite a foot fetish. Each of his iconic films include a foot scene, whether it be from the leading lady herself, or a conversation about foot massages, as heard between Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta’s charactes in Pulp Fiction. Well, while a few of Tarantino actresses including Margot Robbie and Uma Thurman don’t mind it too much, Margaret Qualley had a bit more hesitation, mainly because she didn’t like how her feet looked. As for Diane Kruger, she hadn’t even heard of his alleged fetish prior to singing on to Inglorious Basterds.