Ugliest Celebrity Feet In Hollywood – Scary Hooves of Actors


We’re still having nightmares about Shaquille O’Neal’s feet!

We're still having nightmares about Shaquille O'Neal's feet!
We’re still having nightmares about Shaquille O’Neal’s feet!

During game five of the Eastern Conference Final, the former NBA star and current sports broadcaster gave fans a look at his toes — and let’s just say viewers were not prepared for what they saw.

Someone get this man a pedicure…

— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT)

However, fans still took the opportunity to roast the outspoken celebrity.

“Your big toenail looks like it needs some oxygen,” one follower wrote before another added, “Please no more videos or pictures of your feet. I’m begging you.

Foot corns, small circles of thick skin, are often caused by poorly fitting shoes and most of the ugliest celebrity feet have these shortcomings. Heels that are too loose can allow your foot to slide and rub. There are also some footwear designs that place excessive pressure on an area of the foot.

Wearing high heels for too long can squeeze your toes and cause other damage to your feet. Toe corns can also develop as a symptom of bunions and other foot problems.