Ugliest Celebrity Feet In Hollywood – Scary Hooves of Actors

I am tired of showing you the just beautiful feet in Hollywood. Today we will see some of the ugliest celebrity feet in Hollywood. These celebrities are very beautiful, but have weird looking feet, ugly toes & bunions.

Many of these celebrities have severe foot problems including nasty Corns , painful bunions, fungal nail infections , jacked up hammer toes. There are many stars with ugly feet, and we try to cover as many as possible. If we miss any pls let us know in comments. So which celebs Feet Really Stink ? .Though they’ve got unlimited cash for pedicures, despite this some celebrities just have ugliest feet in hollywood. We are not a fan of these celebrities and their feet are just utter non-sense !

Yes, even Oscar nominees and Victoria’s Secret models have messed up feet. Years of walking in heels, being on the road, or just straight up lack of upkeep can turn your little tootsies from cute to questionable deformed feet. Lets see some of the worst-looking feet of the hollywood stars.

Cobie Smulders’ Gnarly Toes

Cobie smulders is considered very Beautiful, but smulders feet are equally Ugly. Who would think that Robin Scherbatsky Feet are such a Turn Off in real life ! The “How I Met Your Mother” actress showed up with crusty toes and brittle toenails for the New York premiere of “Friends From College”. Ugly celebrity feet.

Cobie Smulders’ Gnarly Toes
Cobie Smulders’ Gnarly Toes

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From Britney Spears to Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, these pics prove that no woman is immune from shoe-related dramas