40+ Trendy Pedicure Designs Of All Times

Blue Indigo Abstract Pedicure – A modern and artistic nail art design that combines deep and rich shades of blue with abstract patterns. This pedicure style features a base color in a captivating indigo hue, evoking a sense of depth and mystery. The abstract patterns, whether hand-painted or created with the use of nail art techniques, add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the design. These abstract elements can range from geometric shapes and lines to swirls and splatters, creating a visually captivating and dynamic effect. The Blue Indigo Abstract Pedicure is a perfect choice for those who want to embrace a contemporary and edgy nail style that exudes individuality and artistic expression. It’s a bold and eye-catching option that allows you to showcase your personal style and make a statement with your pedicure.

Pedicure by @nail_sunny

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