40+ Trendy Pedicure Designs Of All Times

Green Smiley Face Pedicure – A playful and cheerful nail art design that incorporates the iconic smiley face in a vibrant green color. This pedicure style features a base color in a lively shade of green, evoking a sense of positivity and fun. The highlight of this design is the addition of smiley face accents, typically hand-painted or applied as nail decals. These smiley faces, with their signature round shape and smiling expression, add a touch of whimsy and joy to the pedicure. The Green Smiley Face Pedicure is a perfect choice for those looking to embrace a lively and expressive nail style that spreads happiness and positivity. It’s a wonderful way to add a pop of color and a dash of playfulness to your pedicure, making it perfect for any occasion where you want to showcase your fun-loving personality.

Pedicure by @nail_sunny

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