Top 7 Largest SSD Hard Drives in the World

Are you looking for the largest SSD hard drives to boost your computer’s storage space? Check our list of the 7 largest SSD hard drives you can buy, and where to get them from.

Solid State Drives, commonly known as SSD hard drives, are a form of computer storage that is used today as an alternative to traditional and hybrid hard drives.

An SSD hard drive uses semiconductors in its construction, instead of magnetic media like other hard drives, and has memory chips that enable it to retain volumes of information, with or without power.

What differentiates SSD hard drives from traditional hard drives and USB flash drives, however, is their form, and capacity. The latter, USB flash drives, are designed for external use, while SSD hard drives are designed to sit internally within the computer, instead of using an external hard drive.

Today, PC users prefer to use SSD hard drives owing to the immense benefits they derive from them. Some of the benefits of SSD hard drives include:

  • High performance storage
  • Higher data transfer rates because the SSD hard drive reads data instantly without spinning up the drive platter, or moving drive heads
  • Consume less energy/less power
  • A computer with a SSD hard drive is much snappier in launching apps and programs, and it also boots faster
  • High levels of reliability, because it has no moving parts and most of the storage is in memory chips
  • Higher storage capacity compared to hard drives

The downside with SSD hard drives is that they have a limited life span owing to the fixed number of write cycles available before its cells become redundant, and they’re also costly.

Users however believe this still gives the SSD hard drives a longer span compared to the normal PC systems. The cost is still much higher than that of traditional or hybrid hard drives with similar storage capacity, because it is pegged on the capacity of the SSD hard drive, so the higher the capacity, the more you’ll have to pay for it.

Before we let you in on the 7 largest SSD hard drives you can buy, it’s important to understand the capacity issue, so that you can make an informed decision over which one to buy, vis-à-vis your PC or laptop. A typical SSD hard drive ranges between 64 GB and 4 TB, and this in turn impacts on the drive’s performance, such that two different drives with different capacities will not have the same levels of performance.

As you look through our top picks for the largest SSD hard drives, be sure to check the speed specifications and capacity level so that you can gauge the impact on overall performance.

1. Nimbus Data 100TB SSD

Nimbus Data 100TB SSD

Nimbus Data announced a new product – the ExaDrive DC100. It is nothing but the world’s largest SSD (solid state drive) with a whopping capacity of 100 terabytes packed into a regular 3.5″ body. It also shines through very low energy consumption and reduction of cost per TB.

The new, world’s largest SSD features a patent-pending multiprocessor architecture which allows it to support much greater capacity than monolithic flash controllers. The ExaDrive DC100 uses the 3D NAND type of flash memory.

Featuring the same 3.5” form factor and SATA interface used by hard drives, the ExaDrive DC100 is plug-and-play compatible with hundreds of storage and server platforms. The DC100’s low-power (0.1 watts/TB) and portability also make it well-suited for edge and IoT applications. The DC100 achieves up to 100,000 IOps (read or write) and up to 500 MBps throughput.

2. Seagate Enterprise Capacity Helium SSD

This is one among the helium line of drives created by Seagate, with a storage capacity of 12 TB. It has transfer speeds of up to 261 MB/s, which puts it among the list of the fastest in the hard drive space. Seagate has plans to increase the capacities of their drives, so look out for drives larger

than this one in the coming future.

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3. HGST Ultrastar He12 by Western Digital

HGST Ultrastar He12 by Western Digital

This drive is created by one of the largest hard drive manufacturers globally, and like Seagate, this drive is made with helium – which increases capacity in drives – as part of the firm’s innovative technology. With 12 TB storage capacity, this drive is energy efficient as it reduces consumption of power on your computer, and it is also suitable for storing volumes of data.


  • Consumes less power
  • Helium technology increases capacity

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4. Red by Western Digital


This drive has a capacity of 10 TB but is not designed for personal use

Pros: Less noise, Large capacity & Optimized for long term use

Cons: Designed for specific systems, not personal use

This drive is retailed from WDC at the price of  $455.99. You can find the best price discount on Amazon.

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5. Seagate 60 TB SSD hard drive

Seagate 60 TB SSD hard drive

What can you do with 60,000 GB of storage? Well, this is what the latest in SSD hard drives courtesy of Seagate, comes with. Upon its release, this SSD hard drive by Seagate will be the first of its kind in terms of performance and capacity and is touted to be greater in all ways compared to the Samsung PM1633a, which has held the top position to date. Look out for the release anytime soon on Amazon.

6. Samsung PM1633a SSD hard drive

Samsung PM1633a SSD hard drive

This was the very first SSD hard drive to be announced and had maintained its position as the largest storage drive worldwide until Seagate unveiled it’s own 60 TB SSD hard drive. It has a capacity of holding 16 TB of data and uses 3D NAND technology, which basically stores information vertically rather than horizontally (on a flat surface).

It boasts 1200 MB/s read, and 900 MB/s write speed performance, which makes it very ideal for managing volumes of data that require a large capacity to store.

This drive sells at an average price of $10,000, a figure that may be too expensive for consumers looking for storage for personal needs, but for enterprises, this is a steal.

Pros : High read and write speeds, Large storage capacity

Cons : NOT for personal use, it is expensive to buy, it costs around $10,000.

7. Viking 50TB SSD

Last but not least on our list is the 50TB SSD from Viking Technologies. This high capacity 3.5 inch SDD is perfect for data centers. It comes with a plug-and-play 6Gb/s SAS (Dual-port active-active) interface and is fully optimized for performance balanced workloads of data centers.

This SDD is very cost and energy efficient and it requires a typical 16W power consumption. It supports up to 60,000/15,000 IOps (4 KB) reads/writes and up to 500/350 MBps (256 KB) reads/writes. It also comes in a smaller 25TB variant.

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Have you found the drive that’s ideal for your needs? Let us know in the comments.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2017 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We want to make sure that our list has the best products to meet your needs.