Taylor Swift Feet

Taylor Swift Barefeet in Yoga Suit

Taylor Swift has been the poster child for yoga pants ever since she first stepped into the public spotlight many years ago. In fact, she might be responsible for single-handedly saving the leggings and yoga pants industry. From modeling for Adidas to collaborating with Puma, she can’t seem to get enough of these comfy, stretchy pants.

If you’re looking for ways to style your yoga pants, or if you’re just wondering about how the elite stars pull them off so effortlessly, look no further. Taylor Swift is here to show you what’s what. Not only is she a yoga pants connoisseur, but she’s also smart, witty, and happy to help you with anything you need. Let her guide you through your yoga pants exploration by checking out these amazing pictures of her killing the yoga pant game!

Some people think that Taylor Swift feet stink after workout, her sweaty socks is probably the main reason, but hey is that an issue?