The Legend of Suzi Soles (Foot Model)

Suzi Soles was a college student, who started her YT channel posting videos of  her feet and soles. Interestingly she amassed 100K subscribers in under 2 years

In 2013, a 21 yr old caucasian girl from U.S  with screen name (Suzi Soles) took the internet by storm. She started her Youtube Channel followed by Instagram Profile, which went viral within one year.

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Suzi introduces herself:

Suzi Soles – Foot Model

Hi, I’m Suzi Soles, I started making videos of my feet for YouTube just for fun after I found out that my boyfriend has a foot fetish. He was so embarrassed about it, but I was excited. I’ve always thought that foot fetishists are normal human beings, and as it turns out, foot play is a lot of fun. I’m really glad he introduced me to this world. We decided to put up a video on YouTube to see how people would react – and so he could have constant access to a video of my feet 😉 The response has been enormous; I can’t believe how many people like my feet! I’m really glad to share and I love to hear how much people enjoy my videos. Thanks for supporting me! 🙂

Q & A with Suzi Soles



Then she decided to delete all videos from her original youtube channel, which still has some 11,847  loyal subscribers, waiting for her to return someday. She has since renamed her channel Kitty Cat!

Suzi Sole’s Original Youtube Channel.


Have you ever wondered, why did Suzi Soles quit making videos, or where is she now, or who she really is?. She was stalked by one sick internet predator, and she felt her privacy has been breached. This man painted a bad picture for all the foot fetishers around the world!

A similar incident forced 2 more Foot Models to leave prematurely namely Jelisa Rose & Eileen Malice

Her primary motive was never ‘Taking Custom Requests’ from random people and making videos for them in return of money. But when 9 of her videos got age-restricted on YouTube, she was forced to find other ways to earn money.

You can watch all of the Suzi Soles Videos uploaded on a prominent Foot Fetish Page.. Click below to watch

Suzi Sole’s Facebook Videos

Youtube further demonetized her channel & this came as a major setback to her since she joined youtube to earn some money off her videos and support her college degree. She was offered 1,100$ cash by a foot lover, and all she had to do was meet up with him at a public place and then he would come to sniff her feet for a 15-minute session.

Suzi Soles Feet
Suzi Soles Feet

This may sound weird, but that’s a lot of money for her. She had no idea what people can do for fetishes.  That person sent her a pair of boots through Amazon and asked her to wear them for 2 weeks straight. A special request was to go out for long strolls wearing them, and sweaty feet were considered a bonus.

She was then offered another 650$ for the socks that she wore all the time, and it was not to be washed so that the natural scent of her feet will get embedded into their well-worn socks. She also posted a custom video for him and later couriered him the socks & boots.

After this first gig, she gave another try to another follower who has been desperately trying to contact her. But he offered her an undisclosed amount for a Foot-Jab session. She did that video and got paid a huge sum of money, sadly the person didn’t keep his promise and uploaded the full video online.

After this incident, Suzi broke and just quit this whole thing. She also never blamed his BF, who actually introduced her to Foot-Fetish for a start.




@Suzi_Soles : I like your videos. You have very beautiful feet with so soft soles!!! I read your introduction and I think that you are a very nice person. You do a very good job with your videos! I love them and your feet! Thank you that you are doing this.
Greetings from Germany,



Wow, Suzi is amazing. I instantly fell in love with her. She is such a natural beauty and she has very beautiful feet.
I liked the Q&A video. It is great to see that Suzi is such an intelligent and lovely person. I like it how she talks about feet and foot fetish. Other girls can only show their feet and say something like “You like my stinky feet?” etc. But Suzi’s words are so touching and intelligent. She is the best new discovery


  1. Suzi has been so honest and straight-forward about everything, it’s just too bad some idiot liar had to ruin it for her. I’d like to point out how PRETTY she is – she really is – and of course such amazingly beautiful feet and soles, among the very very best I’ve ever seen – Top 5 list for sure (out of hundreds or maybe thousands). But her personality – always smiling and happy – that’s the best part of who she is, and I’m gonna miss that.