41 Strongest People in the World, and They’re Truly Massive

Some people treat their physical bodies as an ongoing project. Bodybuilders, specifically, make their physiques look like they’ve been carved out of stone. So what kind of work goes into these perfectly chiseled looks? What do the strongest people in the world have to go through in order to multiply the size of their bodies? Read on to see some of the biggest bodybuilders and how they achieved their figures.

Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva aka Miss Iron Bum was rather thin as a child but she’s now best known for her incredibly strong lower body. At only 5’2″, Bakhar’s weight fluctuates between 115-125 pounds. She credits her figure to weight lifting and an abundance of lower body exercises.

Bakhar Nabieva
Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar doesn’t like dieting and even eats cake between workouts! Due to her distaste for restricted eating, Bakhar doesn’t compete in bodybuilding competitions. Instead, she participates in bikini competitions and has used that career to build a following on social media.


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