Shraddha Kapoor Feet

Shraddha Kapoor Feet Photos in HD

My style statement is to be myself! Because if you try to imitate someone else, you will end up feeling uncomfortable. —- Shraddha Kapoor

The actress, who had been away in Hyderabad for a long schedule of Saaho, overexerted herself, leading to the injury. Once she returned to Mumbai, she continued playing badminton, a sport the actress has become quite fond of, thanks to her prep for the Saina Nehwal biopic, and sprained her foot in the process. She was immediately rushed to the physiotherapist and is currently on bed rest.

Shraddha confirms, “It’s a deep sprain that needs complete rest and physiotherapy. I’m hoping for it to subside soon.” Restless by nature, the actress hopes to recover soon so she can get back to her normal routine.

In the glove compartment of her car…
“There’s a hammer (pauses) and the car papers.”

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