Rihanna Feet

Rihanna Thighs

Why do people like Rihanna ’s body? People are always complimenting her legs and how they look so perfect, but isn’t she only like 5 feet tall?

Rihanna’s fingernails are very famous, though. In fact, she is an inspiration to young girls when it comes to decorating her nails. Her toenails, however, don’t look as pretty as her fingernails. Many people on social media say that she uses fake nails on her toes to cover possible ugly or crooked nails.

Well, we aren’t sure about that, though. Since we are no foot admirers, we find Rihanna’s feet just average. They aren’t amazing and at the same time, they aren’t great either. Rihanna’s legs are beautiful, though. Even those foot-lover guys agree that she has gorgeous legs. No wonder Rihanna insured her amazing legs for $1 million!