Top 25 Richest Heirs & Heiresses in America

Ariana Rockefeller

Net Worth: $2.8 billion*
Wealth Inherited From: Standard Oil

Ariana Rockefeller is a rich heiress to Standard Oil and a member of the historic, highly prominent Rockefeller dynasty. The Rockefellers date back to the early-nineteenth-century when their patriarch founded Standard Oil and made billions. The family has remained wealthy, but they have also managed to be very charitable.

Rockefeller is very interested in fashion, and she studied at Columbia University. Her label is very successful, and she just added a handbag line. She is a major supporter of the Human Society, and she chaired the NYBG Winter Ball. She lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband, an entrepreneur named Matthew Bucklin. She is also an equestrian.