10 Celebrities Who Would Make Perfect Real-Life Disney Princesses

When we first heard about Disney’s plans to make a live-action Beauty and the Beast with the help of Twilight director Bill Condon, we were so excited. And more importantly, we were dying to find out who would play Belle. Sure, we’ve already seen Emilie de Ravin as Belle on Once Upon a Time, and Lily James is set to star in the live-action Cinderella. And, of course, we’ve already seen Elle Fanning as Aurora in Maleficent. Even so, we still can’t help but dream up our own casting. Keep scrolling to see who would make a great live-action Belle and who we’d pick for all the other Disney princesses, too.

10. Belle (Beauty and the Beast): Emma Watson

Belle Beauty Beast Emma Watson
Belle Beauty Beast Emma Watson

Just look at Emma Watson and tell us she’s not princess material. Plus, she graduated from Brown University, so she’s totally smart and totally reads books. She would be a superb Belle, hands down.

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