30 Celebrities Whose Real Height Will Surprise You

When we look at the photos of celebrities or see them on TV, it’s difficult to determine their real height. Our perception depends on the camera angle, the perspective view, the shoes the celebrity is wearing, and other ingenious tricks they may use. So when fans run into celebrities on the street, they often get surprised that their idols are a different height in real life. Take Tom Cruise, for example. He doesn’t look short in the movies but he’s only 5’7“, which is less than the average height of American men.

We learned more about the height of famous actors and singers and found out that we’ve perceived many of them to be much taller (or shorter) than they are in real life.

First, we’d like to share 2 important pieces of information with you:

  • Websites like IMDb and Wikipedia sometimes claim that a male actor is a bit taller than he is in real life. They do it because a handsome and macho-looking character from an action movie can’t be short. Besides, these websites usually use the height the celebrities were when they were young.
  • People become shorter around the age of 40-50 because their intervertebral discs become less elastic and more tense with age, and also shrink in size. So don’t be surprised when you find out the current height of Iron Arnie, who is 72 years old now.

Tim Robbins and Alexander Skarsgård: 6’4¾”