50 Leaked Images Unseen Until Now | Rarely Seen Photos From The 2000’s

Mike Tyson getting his face tattooed, 2003 ?

Mike Tyson made an unimaginable come back in the 2000s. Boxing fans thought he was done completely after his tragic downfall in the ‘90s, but he turned things around in the first decade of the millennium – and he did all of it with a face tattoo.

Tyson explained that when he had the tattoo put on his face he absolutely hated himself and wanted to destroy his image completely. However, his tattoo artist refused to do that because he said that Tyson had a nice face. Rather than tattoo Tyson’s entire face he suggested the Maori tribal design. Tyson says that he loves it:

It looks awesome. That tattoo is me. Sometimes I see people with tattoos on their face and I’m like: ‘Woah, this guy is crazy!’ I forget that I’ve got one on my face.

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