50 Leaked Images Unseen Until Now | Rarely Seen Photos From The 2000’s

Paris Hilton in Los Angeles, June 2004 ?

There’s no star that sums up the 2000s quite like Paris Hilton. Sure, she didn’t win an Academy Award or create any major piece of art, but she was everywhere during the first decade of the new millennium.

Hilton modeled for a couple of years, and then had her only reality show called The Simple Life that introduced the world to her persona as “the dumb blonde,” but in 2003 her life became the template for future celebutantes when her private sex tape was leaked to the late-night TV viewers and folks on the web.

When ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon released the video as One Night In ParisHilton sued for $400,000 and a percentage of sales. Although she says that she’s never made any money from the tape. She said:

[I] never made a dollar. I make enough money in nice ways. My fragrance [line] makes enough, I don’t need to worry about that.

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