100 Rare Historical Photos That You Never Saw Before

Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams at the Astrodome, Houston, 1966

Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams, 1966
Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams, 1966

A dramatic overhead shot by Neil Leifer, generally regarded as one of the greatest sporting images of all time, features the prostrate form of Cleveland Williams while Muhammad Ali strikes a victory pose during a knockdown in their 1966 title fight. As Neil Leifer’s all-time favorite photograph, this amazing shot was captured from a camera hung on a rig 80 feet (24 meters) above the ring at the Houston Astrodome. He correctly estimating the increased likelihood of capturing a shot of the ring from that height. With equally good fortune, he activated a remote-control camera at the right moment. It has been said that it’s the only photo Neil Leifer took himself that is hanging in his house, also he regards this as his favorite photograph from a 40-year professional career.

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