40 photos of what Diana used to wear before she became a Princess

Before she was the incredibly stylish Diana, Princess of Wales, she was Lady Diana Spencer. Thrust into the spotlight in her late teens following her romantic connection with Princes Charles, it wasn’t long before Diana became a fashion icon the world over. But it wasn’t her newly-acquired princess status that made Di so on-trend – no sir, she always had a flair for the sartorial.

Here we trace Diana’s earlier fashion moments, from her love of puffer jackets as a toddler and cardigan-clad work wardrobe from when she was a teacher, to her first royal engagements (which she attended as Prince Charles’ fiancée), right up until the couple’s wedding in August, 1981. Scroll through to see Lady Diana Spencer’s best outfits…

Well, ain’t this the cutest? Showing her love of red from an early age, we might never get over how adorable this puffer coat is.

Princess Diana outfits before she became a royal
we might never get over how adorable this puffer coat is.

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