88 Girls Who Are Beautiful In And Out Of Uniform

89. Shannon Ihrke – US Marine Corps

Shannon Ihrke, 29, from Minnesota, joined the Marine Corps at just 19 and served on full active duty for four years, experiencing the highs and lows of military life.

An Instagram star who was happy to be ‘one of the guys’ during her time in the US marines says she loves the attention she gets in her new job – showing off her athletic physique posing for men’s magazines.

  • Shannon Ihrke, 29, from Minnesota, joined the US Marine Corps at just 19 
  • A high-octane job saw her train hard and dedicate her life to the military
  • Now, she’s using her athletic physique for another purpose – as a glamor model
  • Posing for men’s magazines, Shannon says she loves her new vocation 
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