33 Awfully Odd Jobs Celebrities Did Before Getting Famous

The life of an A-lister seems, to put it extremely lightly, like a breeze. Of course, we aren’t discrediting lengthy, grueling stretches spent on set. But once those are a wrap, it’s a smooth ride toward never-ending Hulk-sized paychecks and a pied-a-terre in the Hollywood Hills.

But before your favorite celebs entered a life of unmitigated leisure, they had to pay their dues, just like everybody else. And we’re not talking about any old job here—celebs have held every odd job from oyster shucker and pen salesmen to chicken coop scooper and coffin cleaner to make ends meet. Herein, we’ve gathered the 30 absolute worst. Honestly, even if the end result was a life of irrevocable status, these gigs might not be worth it. So read on and cringe. And for great Hollywood coverage, don’t miss the 50 Celebrities Riding the Subway Like Normals