Most Searched Feet of Celebrities On The Internet In 2024

Taylor Swift’s Feet

On Reddit, there is a nearly infinite sub-feed dedicated to the singer’s feet. She usually wears them visibly in her appearances on red carpets. Taylor Swift posts her feet online and fans keep mocking her — Maya Luz, a 24-year-old Swiftie, told BuzzFeed News that she thinks Swift posting her feet online is “weird,” but attributes it to Swift’s age.

She might have a strong foot fetish like these celebrities. Her fans are constantly making jokes on social media about how Swift could make millions if she sold her feet pics.

Taylor Swift Feet
Taylor Swift Feet

Well, we can’t afford to forget the most beautiful singer celebrity, Taylor Swift, on this list. The star is often well-praised for its long sleek legs, and this is no exception when coming to her feet. We can’t take our eyes off those sleek and slim swoony legs and feet perfection. She wears US size 8.5 and flaunts her perfect foot always by styling them with glammed shiny heels.

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