50 Most Ripped Female Athletes In The World

They’ve more ripped than most of us will ever be, more dedicated, and stronger.

18. Jessica Eye

Mixed Martial Arts

Alright, we’re going to exclusively date girls called Jessica from now on. I don’t know how, but every one of them on the list seems to be a lithe, whip-smart mega-hottie. Jessica Eye (that can’t be her real name, can it?) has just proved the rule. Tough as nails and beautiful to boot, the MMA fighter has an admirable win-loss record and has even modeled for Cosmopolitan.
Jessica got into MMA after a drunk driver hit her and her father and left her with a broken back for three months. On her slow road to recovery, she realized a powerful drive to success that she had never found before. It’s helped her ever since. But what about her faults? We couldn’t find any.