50 Most Ripped Female Athletes In The World

23 | Serena Williams

Professional Tennis

Serena Williams really needs no introduction. The tennis megastar – perhaps the greatest that ever lived – and outspoken female and black rights defender has a list of successes as long as her legs. It’s hard to say what’s more attractive: the way her muscles hum as she smashes down another winner, or her unflappable and intelligent contribution to the welfare of our society.Even at 34 years old she shows no signs of letting up, winning Grand Slam after Grand Slam and racking up an incredible $80m in winnings alone. She’s featured on the cover of Vogue, performed cameo after cameo in TV shows and films, and she runs her own charity foundation helping underprivileged kids gain educational scholarships. If there’s anyone who works as tirelessly as Serena, we’d like to see her.