50 Most Ripped Female Athletes In The World

27 | Nicole Wilkins

Professional Bodybuilder

If there’s anyone that can better Erin Stern’s Figure Olympia record, it’s Nicole Wilkins. She’s won the award an amazing four times, and with a body like that, it’s no wonder. In fact, we’d kinda like to see a matchup of the two. With honey. Just kidding – they’d totally kick our asses.Nicole was winning bodybuilding competitions by the time she was 19 years old, and hasn’t looked back since. The Michigan native now has a line in personal training and workout programs, and says that when she walks out on the Olympia stage, “Everything else is sort of silent. Even when they announce your name as the winner, it’s all you hear. It’s just you and the lights.” And us, Nicole, cheering you on.