50 Most Ripped Female Athletes In The World

35 | Brooke Ence

Crossfit Games Athlete

“To those of you who have just been doing your best to kick me while I’m down, F*** OFF cause your wasting your time. Nothing you say can break me, or soil what I have done or am about to accomplish this year.” That’s Brooke Ence on learning she had failed to qualify for the 2016 World Crossfit Games. With that incredible physique, I’m not exactly sure who would manage to kick her while she’s down. As a crossfit athlete for more than four years, the failure came as a surprise to many. Just look at those thighs. They can deadlift an incredible 365 pounds – about two of me. She’s a strict disciplinarian, always measuring what she eats and scheduling her rest days with army-like precision. With that kind of attitude and her insane body, we think she’ll bounce back in no time.