50 Most Ripped Female Athletes In The World

38 | Natalya Neidhart

Professional Wrestler

A WWE star and member of the downright scary Hart wrestling family, Natalya Neidhart – simply Natalya in the ring – has been kicking ass for 16 years. At 135 pounds, you definitely don’t want her performing her signature “Sharpshooter” finishing move on you. It’s as painful as it sounds.
Still in the ring, Natalya has moved on from her “days as the perky, cute, blonde little bimbo” to become the central villain in the WWE Divas line-up. She’s still got the blonde hair, but her takedowns of several of her protégés and peers have earned her wide respect in the wrestling world. Sure, it’s all for laughs – until you mess with her for real.