Top 50 Most Beautiful TV Series Actresses in The World

External beauty can not fail to attract attention, it has to cause positive emotions.

32. Mellany Barros

Mellany Barros has been a professional actor for only one year, but already shot several productions.
A young Chilliwack actress has been hopping from movie set to TV set and back again a lot lately. Mellany Barros, 19, has been a professional actress for only about one year, but she already has several productions under her belt.

In the past year, Barros has played Katelyn Ogden in TV movie Spontaneous, plays recurring character Alice in TV comedy series Chad, guest starred in TV series iZombie where she played Laurie Beth in episode ‘The Fresh Princess’ (airs June 27 on CW), and plays supporting character Ann in TV movie Death of A Cheerleader.

Barros is also currently in the mix for a lead role on a Netflix series that will shoot in L.A.

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