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Laura Marano Feet

Laura Marano Feet are Size 7.5 .  Her toes have been voted “4nd Most Perfect Toes In The World”. Foot Fetish community has dedicated hundreds of foot fetish videos, websites & numerous online forums to admire her feet, describing how pretty and perfect they are. No doubt she is a very pretty lady, and Laura Marano Legs live up to her reputation.

We bring you Top 50 pictures of Laura Marano Feet.

 Laura Marie Marano is an American actress and singer. She starred in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally as Ally Dawson. Marano was one of the five original classmates in Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Laura Marano’s Perfect Feet in Heels

Hollywood Celebrity Wikifeet

Do you like Laura Marano feet or legs? If so, just view here tons of unpublished Laura Marano’s feet and legs pictures. Very high quality pics and videos. Make sure to watch till last page as there are some Unseen Pictures of her feet toward the end. FYI Laura Marano soles and feet have been rated # 9 in the world by wikifeet. Laura Marano height in feet is ‎5′ 10″

Feet Analysis : She has a very seductive pair of feet, long boney toes, which is why we gave her a Foot Fetish Score : 9.5/10. She is often spotted wearing RED nail polish on her toes, which look amazing.She also often tries all different type of  flip-flops & open toed shoes. She really takes good care of her feet, her soles are soft and looks very sexy !

Look at them, Just look at them.

Laura’s gorgeous feet in open high heels.

Laura Marano Beautiful Feet Pictures

Laura revealed  Marano while talking to ELLE MAGAZINE, that she likes when somebody compliments on her feet. She has received thousands of comments on her Instagram photos, from her fans, who regularly express their likeness for her amazing natural looking feet. She also told the magazine that her favorite past-time is reading her Instagram comments – Well done Laura!

She is f**king perfect

5/5 Star Rating By 6 Million Followers

Laura Marano’ Sexy Legs and Hot Feet

Laura here has the right proportions and a cute narrowness to her feet which looks great for a girl her height.

Candid Shot Of her pretty Feet

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Laura’s Long Silky Smooth Legs

You look super great,Don’t tell anybody…… But your legs tonight, Reminded me when I was 15 years old ,eating corn in the cob , Dripping in with butter.

She flaunts her heavenly long toes in High Heels

I’d love it if she took off her snappy sandals and played naughty footsies with me under the table. This is a good picture but I don’t know if it is because of good lighting or place… maybe composition ?. Well what size feet does Laura Marano have ?

Laura Marano legs and feet

This photo glorify Laura’s perfect sculpted body and pretty face. Her gorgeous legs and feet are a huge ‘ Turn On’

Laura Marano Feet & Toes

Laura Marano’s soles are so soft and as shown in this candid photo. Laura Marano soles is calling the attention of many people. The world is apparently clamoring for a glimpse of the young actress’ feet. Aside from their beauty, they are even perceived beautiful and sexy as they attracts the attention of many.

GOD’s Perfection in Laura’s Feet

Laura has absolutely perfect feet! From her sexy ankles to her always soft looking heels and soles to those perfect soft toes . I don’t understand how she is only #2.  Laura Marano feet story is very long, Laura Marano had her feet tickled on a popular TV show a while back.

She likes to read foot fetish comments on her Twitter profile.

Q: Do people check out your feet now?
Laura : I don’t know that people look at my feet. I have seen comments on Twitter or otherwise about my foot or feet in general. I don’t realize it was as much of a fetish. Feet are pretty gnarly. It’s rare that you come across a nice set of toes.

Laura Marano Toes in Nude Heels

Perfect toenails and she appreciates the love for foot fetish. She takes the time to think on what people will like and knows that her feet will always be in the limelight due to admitting she loves her foot fans.

Royal Look

How are those perfect feet and toes overrated? Imo it doesn’t get better! This is what i see as perfect feet. Soft toes with perfect nails, nice skinny feet with great arches and heels (look at the next pic)

Flaunting her long toes in Flip flops.

Rule of thumb is that if your Feet looks good in flip-flops then you are a TRUE barefoot Queen. I guess Laura passed this test

Laura’s beautiful feet

Hollywood Celebrity Wikifeet

A high-quality pic with a nice view of Laura’s beautiful feet, especially her toes. The bottoms of Laura Marano’s feet. That is all for the night, ladies and gentlemen

Barefoot Scene From One Of Her Movies !

Laura Marano Vital Statistics

Race / Ethnicity : White (She is of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.). Hair Color : Blonde, Eye Color : Dark Brown. Bra Size : 32C , Shoe Size : 6 (US) or 36.5 (EU) , Religion : Judaism

Marano Flaunts Her Long Arches and wholesome feet in Heels

Hollywood Celebrity Wikifeet

Her sculpted toes are a work of perfection.

Each Tootsie is worth a fortune !

Laura Marano’s Perfect Soles

Laura Marano’s Soles

Laura Marano Sexy Legs

Laura Marano Toes

Beautiful long toes in Heels.

Laura Marano Barefoot

Laura Marano’s Unpainted Toes Nails

Here is cute Laura Marano painting her toenails. Laura has very sexy feet and toes 🙂 All you celebrity feet lovers and foot fetish guys.

Laura Marano’s Feet On Instagram

Laura Marano Shoes

Laura Marano Feet And Legs Are The Most Beautiful In America!

Laura Marano Soles

Laura Marano Tiptoes is listed (or ranked) #8 on the list Laura Marano Feet Photos. Oh Princess Laura, I love how you’re perched up on your pedestal with your bare feet sunk in that soft leather chair! Laura looks super hot with those tight black leather pants, low cut shirt, seductive facial expression, all while her feet are sunk in leather and sticking to it! I love the contrast of her white feet on the black leather.

Princess Laura Marano Legs

Laura Marano feet pictures, Laura Marano legs, Laura Marano toes, Laura Marano barefoot and shoes. She is a sensationally talented American country pop singer-songwriter and actress.

Laura Marano’s Toned Legs

Her legs are reportedly insured for a whooping 10Million dollars !

Laura Marano Legs At a Movie Premiere.

Ultimately, I couldn’t quite believe Laura Marano was a girl people would overlook. So it didn’t quite feel right for her for the most flattering reason.

Laura Marano Legs

Laura Marano Heels | Laura Marano Steps Up Her Style Game at the 2014 ACM Awards. Laura Marano Heels | Laura Marano Steps Up Her Style Game at the 2014 ACM

Perfect Isn’t It?

Laura Marano Toes Closeup


Laura Marano said she uses shaving cream to wash her legs in the shower and Twitter is freaking out.

Peek-A-Boo of her majestic Toes

Laura Marano Silences Her Critics

The Goddess of Legs and Feet Laura Marano Always Rocking Short dresses and open toe heels to show us all how sexy them legs

Laura Marano’s Soles

Laura Marano’s Tall Figure & Feet


Them Laura Marano’s Legs

Scroll down to see pictures of Laura Marano showing off her nude feet and long legs in sexy high heels, boots, sandals, pumps, and hot shoes. What fantastic form, with rolling arches and delicate toes!! It doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous too!!

Laura Marano Loves to show off her Heels

I love how Laura is wearing workout attire while sitting barefoot on a leather chair.

Laura Marano’s Flawless Feet

Her feet are flawless. And Laura Marano if beautiful. Wow! Her toes are soo gorgeous! She’s going to be on Fallon tonight. Very attractive woman with beautiful ?

Laura Marano Has Very Pretty Tootsies

Laura Marano Feet

Scroll down to see pictures of Laura Marano showing off her nude feet and hot legs in sexy high heels.

Most Wanted Foot Goddess

Picture Worth A Sacrifice !

Laura Marano, Swedish actress who was known for her versatility. She earned an Oscar for her performance in The Danish Girl. This Beauty is heading toward 1000 pics on her site. This pic is definitely one that makes you want to help her with ANYTHING she is doing…

Spectacular Toes

She is definitely on my “Hard to believe a woman can be this beautiful” list. Head to toe spectacular.

Laura Marano American Actress Feet

I was just there, standing in the same spot! Disappointed i didn’t get to see your feet in person.

Hot Laura Marano Feet Soles

This pic is bloody awesome! You can see the nails and the toes in such high quality, and they are perfectly shaped! She’s giving her fans what they want on the lead up that she has been declared to have sexiest feet in hollywood.

Damn Sexy Toes

Awesome great taste in shoes. knows the best shoe to show off her feet.

Beautiful feet making heels look good … but; for some reason most of shoes seem to be poor fitting. Perhaps it’s my imagination.

Feet Made By God Himself

Beautiful feet making heels look good … but; for some reason most of shoes seem to be poor fitting. Perhaps it’s my imagination.

That’s a gorgeous foot, arch, shoe!? She’s so freekin cute, God, her feet are pretty!!

She is the bomb! Such a gorgeous young woman

Laura Marano has the most perfect feet.Only second to Emma Stone Feet.

What a delightful perspective on her heels. I really think her feet look best in wedges and she ought to stick with wearing them more often. The limited flexibility is the reason for this.

She got a little boo boo on her toe but great pic and amazing feet. I <3 the contrast of her natural fingernails and those #bluetoes.

Beautiful barefoot girl, pretty toes, always wearing sandals…

Laura Marano’s Hot Legs

In this photo, Laura Marano is showing her sexy voluptuous legs in heels with bare legs complimenting her sensual toes in Open Toes Shoes. These Peep Toe Heels or open toe shoes makes her a hottie giving  a sultry  barelegged treat

When I clicked on this pic, I said “WOW” out loud!


I love this chick. So pretty and beautiful feet. I went to Greece last year and there was a girl who looked pretty much identical to her and I swear she was checking me out. Because I was checking her out.. every time I looked over to her she was looking at me. I wish I would have gone over and spoke to her but I’m a p****. I’ll be regretting that till the day I die lol

Her first pics on the site had chipped toenail polish and kinda rough-looking feet, but the funny thing is, now she’s in my top 2. Just absolutely amazing feet.

I don’t know what it is about this picture but out of all the pictures on Laura’s page I absolutely love this one the most.

Look at those little silver nuggets!!

The lady has such beautiful eyes and she also has gorgeous feet.

Laura’s sister Vanessa.

I think her sister is better looking too, but Laura seems to be the one who shows her feet more often. Even though Vanessa wins in overall hotness, Laura wins in the foot category for me. Laura’s feet are exquisite.

Her eyes tell me story about love.

BiB would be proud of this Mani/Pedi.

Laura Marano not only has beautiful feet, but I really like her taste in sandals. I love the fact that she maintains a pedicure.

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