Kristen Bell Feet

Kristen Bell HOUSE OF LIES Interview

QUESTION : Could you ever have imagined you’d have a scene in a TV show, where you had to have your toes sucked?

Bell: Never! I read that and I almost fell out of my chair. But, Matt Carnahan is a weird motherfucker, and there are people that like that. You know what? I didn’t hate it. It was weirder than I thought it was going to be, but it wasn’t unpleasant. People love feet. What is it about that? It takes all kinds. Showtime gets weird, and this show gets weird, which is what I love about it


  1. Kristen bell has pretty feet, i do not agree that emma watson is first at all. I like petitite feet with lil toes not long. And well trimmed nails are perfect. Some thes women have nasty toes long and oughh