Will German Foot Model Jelisa Rose ever return ?- All you need to know about her feet & soles

Jelisa Rose is a very famous German Foot model, at peak of her career, she had about 93K YouTube subscribers & 103K Facebook followers. Millions of her die-hard fans are longing for her to return one day..But why did she QUIT?

Okay, first some facts for you. Jelisa Rose was her screen name, her real name is unknown. She is believed to live in Düsseldorf (Germany), one of her fans used to live in the area, where she shot most of her videos so, that’s how we know it.

Announcement: I am Jelisa Rose, a prominent foot model from Düsseldorf, Germany. I have returned to the Internet after 7 yrs and any other YT channel showing my content is FAKE.

Instagram : @princess.dianafans

Facebook : @princess.dianafans

Website : www.jelisarose.com

Jelisa was a student at Universität Düsseldorf, she was encouraged to start her youtube channel by her boyfriend who had a foot fetish.  She hinted at this on her FB post when she posted her first video on 27 June 2008


Jelisa had her own website, it had about 55 high definition foot fetish videos and 1389 photos free to download. We can now confirm that german foot model Jelisa Rose’s official website has now shut down. She closed her Youtube, facebook & instagram account long back, so all the accounts on social media on her name are obviously fake or fan accounts

But there is a piece of good news for her followers. Jelisa Rose’s official facebook fanpage still has all her original content including all her videos and all her feet photos .


A Fußmodel / Footmodel from Deutschland (Germany). My name is Jelisa Rose, Size 9 feet, 24yr old, Caucasian German Foot Model.


Even DevianArt has a special page devoted to her. She used to post regularly on here, but her account is just dormant.

Jelisa_Rose introduces herself:

Jelisa Rose Feet

Hi, I’m Jelisa Rose, a 21yr old german caucasian brunette with Size 9 feet. I started making videos of my feet for YouTube just for fun after I found out that my boyfriend has a foot fetish. He was so embarrassed about it, but I was excited. I’ve always thought that foot fetishists are normal human beings, and as it turns out, foot play is a lot of fun. I’m really glad he introduced me to this world. We decided to put up a video on YouTube to see how people would react – and so he could have constant access to a video of my feet 😉 The response has been enormous; I can’t believe how many people like my feet! I’m really glad to share and I love to hear how much people enjoy my videos. Thanks for supporting me! 🙂




She decided to delete all videos from her original youtube channel, her loyal subscribers, waiting for her to return someday. She has since renamed her channel to Kitty Cat!

A similar incident forced 3 more Foot Models to leave prematurely namely Suzi Soles & Eileen Malice

Then came a point when YouTube started Age-restricting & demonetizing all foot fetish videos. Jelisa Rose’s youtube channel was also got affected as well. Her videos were never meant to be a fetish. She always created videos keeping in ming YTube’s policies. But you tube is a retarded platform, it can allow sex training, kinky channels etc, but not GEMS like Jelisa_Rose, Dani_Feet & Suzi_Soles.

When Youtube further demonetized her channel & this came as a major setback to her, since she joined youtube to earn some money off her videos and support her college degree.

Later we heard a rumor that she split with her BF, and got busy in studies. Its known that she is on Instagram & facebook under her original name, if you know her, then please leave a comment below, and we will add it here.


@Jelisa_Rose : I have watched each of your videos like at least 500 times. There is something about their shape and your long toes that attracts me back to your channel. Love from America,

Hi, Jelisa. Your Oc-Toe-Ber-Fest video is creepy but great. I love the way its shot. I wish I get a similar chance to worship your feet. I am your biggest fan.

@Jelisa_Rose : You have the most beautiful, perfect & sexy feet in the whole world. Your feet are slim, toes are long and skin color is so fair. i am sure you take good care of them. I wish you make more such videos in future, and rock on YouTube.