50 Hottest Interracial Celebrity Couples In The World.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

In an interview, Williams, who is Black, opened up about how being in an interracial relationship with Ohanian, who is white, has changed her view on love. “I never thought I would have married a white guy, either, so it just goes to show you that love truly has no color, and it just really goes to show me the importance of what love is,” Williams said.

Williams also got candid about what she’s taught her white husband about racial relations in the United States and how her experience as a Black woman has drastically differed from his.

“I’m an athlete. He’s a business guy. I’m black. He’s white. We are totally opposite. I think we just complement each other. I think we understand hard work in different ways,” Williams said. “Literally all I tell Alexis is, ‘Well, you know, there’s such a difference between white people and black people.’ He always gets to hear about the injustices that happen; that wouldn’t happen if I were white. It’s interesting.”