50 Best IG Feet Pages | Instagram Foot Models

Why Instagrammers are obsessed with sharing photos of their feet.

44. Leah Kilpatrick

18K Followers | Size 8 US | AMERICAN

She identifies as an actor, comedian, marathoner, and overall weirdo who would love to make you awkwardly laugh out loud while looking at your screen in public.?.

Her barefoot walk in the spine adjustment video prompted a record of 10,000 + people asking for her Instagram profile so that they can dig further into her photos for more glamorous feet shots !

She became an overnight sensation when she her spine adjustment video with Dr Rahim Chiroprator went viral.

Viewers were mesmerized by the 20 mins video which showed the glimpse of her feet and legs. We must admit that she has very attractive face & even prettier feet & legs. She can be seen wearing medical apron which exposes her beautiful feet. YT viewers have rated her long toes and milky white feet as 9.1/10

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