50 Best IG Feet Pages | Instagram Foot Models

49. Laana Feet

Lana Rizzi is a beautiful young insta-model from Brazil. Her IG profile is an instant hit with foot lovers. If you like well-built legs, flawless skin, and perfectly sculpted toes, then Lanna’s Pinterest profile is a must-check. She is a Foot Goddess you wanna worship, we still have more feet names for Instagram.

28K Followers | Size 37  | BRAZIL

“Beautiful toes are an addition to a woman’s appearance.”
― Ellen J. Barrier

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  1. Couple of takeaways.. first off from the models on this list “pilfeetnas” should be #1… next how did y’all not mention GoddessGrazi when she’s basically the GOAT… thirdly, whoever made this list hates black ppl bc not 1 foot model on this list was black

  2. Looks like a white ppl only list smh.. some of the best foot models are black, Hispanic, and other races

  3. I know this is best IG feet but, Texas model Alicia Dwyer (Wrinkledgal Flickr) has some of the best legs, feet and soles on the web!

  4. I saw that just now! Amazing, sweetie! Love it!
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