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How To Sell Feet Pictures on Instagram?

Are you looking to make some extra bucks online, or just want your fun hobby to pay off? Instagram sales of pictures might just work for you!

Also, selling IG foot photos might grant you an impressive $100 – per day!

So, no wonder Instagram is referred to as ‘the rich kid app’ – compared to other social media sites – it’s the one where influencers make a lot of ‘extra’ cash.

So buckle up and read through this short guide on how to do it.

Basically, the Instagram app doesn’t allow direct payments for good, including pictures on its platform.

But, there are ways to sell directly – by using payment links and platforms, such as Stripe. Or you can always use the amazing world of Instagram as a marketing tool (link in bio) and promote your feet pics.

1. Create an Instagram account dedicated to feet

No – it’s not strange to worship and like feet. And it can pay your bills – what else do you need?

Create an Instagram account with a loud and clear name to attract people into feet and buy feet pics. Also, you’d like to make this account public. This is for the viewers to swipe through your profile and get a picture of what your profile represents and become followers and potential customers.

2. Be a pro

Being professional means that you have to be

  • consistent at what you do,
  • create quality and professional content,
  • reply to messages,
  • share stories and various content,
  • have the dignity and ability to stay dedicated to what you do and don’t turn it into something else.

These are the dedicated steps to becoming recognized and famous in a specific niche or background. In the end, you’re trying to make money out of this, so level up from being a rookie.

3. Input meaningful explanations in your uploads

You’re not showing off your daily life – you’re trying to do business. So, be as lengthy as you can in your uploads, and include as many meaningful and to-the-point hashtags as possible (Instagram’s limit is 30 hashtags per post).

You can find the most meaningful ones further below in this article.

4. Optimize your Bio

Your Instagram bio is the first impression you make before the Instagram society and your potential customers.

  • You need to make it loud and clear that you’re not just a feet photo magazine, but you’re in for selling too.
  • Input keywords like sales, IGfeet, foot models, etc.
  • Explain your selling method: direct or indirect.
  • Add a profile link to your bio, taking your audience to a significant place to find your feet photos (such as FeetFinder).

5. Prepare exclusive content for subscribers

This is a terrific way to earn additional money and a stable monthly paycheck by posting exclusive content viewable only to those who subscribe to your profile every month.

Best Hashtags For Selling Feet Photos

So, you’ve taken some cute feet pictures, but you aren’t quite sure how to sell them?

Hashtags are the key to promoting, being noticed, and also – sell on Instagram.

Here are the best hashtags for selling feet pictures on Instagram:





# foots
















Why Instagrammers Are Obsessed With Sharing Photos Of Their Feet?

Did you know that the first-ever picture that made it on Instagram was titled ‘test,’ and it captioned a foot?

The foot of Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom was captured on the photo of a stray dog on the street and became history on October 6, 2010.


Since then, the feet trend has come a long way — from promoting footwear to bare feet modeling. But in the eyes of many Instagrammers, the feet photography is considered a self-portrait, sort of.

Let’s Kick It Off

Making an Instagram footprint by selling images of pretty toes on Instagram sounds like a fun trend.

There are plenty of fun pages on the app, posting pictures of beautiful famous foot models, such as @bestfeetever and @topfeetmodels. They use it as a fan page for promoting foot pictures and can instantly lead you through the personal IG profiles of the IG foot models if you care to buy a foot picture.


  • How to collect your money for selling feet pics on IG if someone contacts you through a direct message?

The easiest and 100% legit way to do this is by sending a Stripe payment link. The process only takes a minute, and you can send it to the one acquiring the picture of your feet in DM. Once they pay you – you can continue with the business agreement.

  • What is the average earning from selling feet pics on Instagram?

Anywhere between $10-$100 per image.

The sales frequency and amount depend solely on your status as a professional foot model, your audience, and the quality of your content. Another way to make money is by using a subscription platform and sharing extra content available to view only those who have paid the monthly subscription to your profile


  1. Couple of takeaways.. first off from the models on this list “pilfeetnas” should be #1… next how did y’all not mention GoddessGrazi when she’s basically the GOAT… thirdly, whoever made this list hates black ppl bc not 1 foot model on this list was black

  2. Looks like a white ppl only list smh.. some of the best foot models are black, Hispanic, and other races

  3. I know this is best IG feet but, Texas model Alicia Dwyer (Wrinkledgal Flickr) has some of the best legs, feet and soles on the web!

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