50 Best IG Feet Pages | Instagram Foot Models

11. Gorgeousaur

156K Followers | Size 8.5 | Australia

This blonde petite Aussie bomb is a mystery. In her own words, “the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” And by the look of things and the speed with how fast she’s growing on Instagram – she probably makes some dazzling and intriguing photoshoots.

However, her profile is closed. Therefore, she must accept new followers to grow. Despite the popular belief that if your account is open and anyone can follow you, you will grow bigger faster – keeping a healthy level of curiosity works better. And she proves precisely that.

But her most intriguing asset, besides her gorgeous figure and incredible legs, is definitely, the mature content feet lingerie images she posts on Patreon — each mature level of feet photography costs differently.

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  1. Couple of takeaways.. first off from the models on this list “pilfeetnas” should be #1… next how did y’all not mention GoddessGrazi when she’s basically the GOAT… thirdly, whoever made this list hates black ppl bc not 1 foot model on this list was black