These chicks know how to stay fit, and they’ve got the abs to prove it.

Anita Herbert

She has one of the strongest bodies we’ve seen on a girl. Not only is she in top shape, she looks indestructible from booty to abs to shoulders and back.

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?Why i never cut & bulk…. . If you have been following me for a while you already know that despite being a bodybuilder (I'm a professional bikini competitor) i don't believe in a major bulking phase. . I know that many of you on here won’t agree with me on this subject, but this is my opinion, my way of doing this and i wanted to share it with you!? . Most of you know that many bodybuilders cut & bulk…I personally have never done real bulk and I'm still able to make progress! My results (and also my client’s) shows that you CAN make improvements without dramatically increasing your calorie intake. . ??Why i don't do bulking:?? I cant speak for everyone, but i personally dont feel good when i am overweight, i tend to completely lose motivation when i don't feel comfortable in my body?. . I have seen so many competitor girls go into a massive bulk after a show and completely letting themselves go!I think that for a 120 lb girl gaining 20-30lb is absolutely unnecessary & unhealthy AF! . Gaining so much weight and changing your overall look can have a huge impact on you mentally! You can lose all your confidence & get depressed!? Plus I really don’t believe that you will end up with significantly more muscle after a bulk/cut period compared to if you just gained overtime. I rather stay around my maintenance calories most of the time and do “mini shreds” here and there when i want to be a little leaner (for shoots or events) If you gain too much fat during bulking phase you will have a hard time losing it when you want to cut down again! Plus you will lose a lot of your hard earned muscle in the process!? . Of course there are girls that love bulking (I personally know a couple) and can feel good & even look good while carrying extra weight! Some girls are , i hate to use this word but “lucky” because they genetically carry their extra weight on the right places (booty and hips?) BUT unfortunately i am definitely not one of them? I tend to hold all my excess weight on my tummy?? Which is why I decided to follow my own way and create my own methods! ?? . What are your thoughts on this? ? Do you cut & bulk? Comment below!??

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