How to get RID of your Foot Fetish – Cure & Treatment

A foot fetish, to put it simply, is a sexual interest in feet. This means a person can be aroused by touching, licking, rubbing, kissing, sucking, and massaging feet. Of the many sexual fetishes that exist, foot fetishes — also called podophilia — are by far the most common, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine. So why are people so into feet? There’s no official study that answers the question, but psychologists have their own theories. Sigmund Freud believed that feet are sexualized because they resemble penises. PSA: If a man ever unzips his pants and his junk looks more like a foot than a penis to you, advise him to call a doctor.

Before we find out ways to cure a foot fetish first lets understand what does ‘Foot Fetish’ mean?


foot fetish is a sexual attraction to feet, often including shoes. As the name implies, it is simply a sexual attraction to feet. Anyone who finds feet sexually stimulating or arousing can be said to have a foot fetish.

Although the term fetish is used colloquially to describe any sexual attraction to an object or body part, the International Classification of Diseases only applies a psychological diagnosis of fetishism if fantasies “interfere with sexual intercourse and cause the individual distress.”

Foot fetishism is sometimes referred to as podophilia (“love of feet”) and its sexual attraction to feet can extend to footwear.

It is a very broad classification because foot fetishes vary widely between people. Some, including myself, find feet to be more sensual. They prefer to indulge in their fetish by giving foot massages, kissing/sucking toes, or simply observing/appreciating their partner’s feet during activities in the bedroom or an attractive pair seen in public.

How to get RID of your feet fetish Cure TreatmentOthers find feet to be more sexual, preferring to indulge in their fetish by receiving physical sexual stimulation (foot job) from, or ejaculating on, their partner’s feet. This could also involve trampling or similar dominance activities involving feet.

These are just some of the more common fetish activities involving feet. A foot fetishist may enjoy any or all of these things depending on preferences, as well as many other tangentially related, less common sub-fetishes such as trampling, crushing, shoes/sandals, dirty/messy feet, etc.

Where does foot fetish come from?

Before the word fetish had a sexual connotation, it was used to describe objects of religious importance. The anthropologist Charles de Brosses wrote “Du culte des dieux fétiches” (“On the Worship of Cult of the Fetish Gods”) in 1760, describing religious objects used by people in West Africa. De Brosses may have borrowed the term fétiche from Portuguese sailors who interacted with these peoples, as the word fetish comes from the Portuguese term feitiço meaning “charm, sorcery.”

The French psychologist Alfred Binet, better known for developing the first IQ test, studied sexual behavior and the veneration of inanimate objects into the sexual realm. He wrote about fetishism in 1887.

In 1897, Havelock Ellis wrote of “erotic fetichism[sic]” in Studies of the Psychologies of Sex. Ellis specifically mentioned the foot as a possible object of sexual desire. Sigmund Freud also addressed foot fetishism as a phallic substitute in his 1905 essay “The Sexual Aberrations.” Neither of these psychologists used the exact phrase foot fetish, but it does appear in the American Journal of Psychology by 1911 (in reference to Freud’s theory) and in popular literature by the 1930s.

Over time, the phrase moved from clinical settings to the popular consciousness. By 1982, there was a shoe store in New York named Foot Fetish. Indeed, people who like to buy shoes for non-sexual reasons may joke about having a foot fetish.

In 1999, the neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran found, while studying patients with phantom limb syndrome, that the parts of the brain that map to the genitals and the feet are near each other, providing a possible biological explanation for foot fetishism.

A 2007 study examined the membership size of online discussion groups to estimate the prevalence of various sexual fetishes. The study suggested that foot fetishes are the most common.


What A Sex Life With A Foot Fetish Looks Like

For someone who has a foot fetish, bare feet can feel way more erotic and intense than seeing a woman naked. That is because that specific part of her body has the same power over you that other men might find less hot than, say, the curve of her back. When you are part of a relationship where your girlfriend accepts your foot fetish, it means that you both make an effort to incorporate foot play into your routine. “A person who has a foot fetish also may get sexually excited by licking the feet, smelling the feet and toes, having a person step on them, using the feet to stimulate their penis and balls, or rubbing feet. With foot worship, it can be the man at the woman’s feet, literally,” explains sexologist Jess O’Reilly. “It can also involve anything that touches the feet, like shoes, socks, or dressing the feet up or binding them.”


What Are Some Causes Of Foot Fetishes?

Just like with anything else that turns you on more than other parts, a foot fetish can come from a variety of different places and sex experts agree there are many theories on what could cause this specific desire.

  • Early Experience With A Foot

“One theory suggests that we develop fetishes in response to erotic associations. If you had an early erotic experience that involved feet, your brain and body may have created a lasting erotic association. This may be considered a Pavlovian response,” O’Reilly explains.

  • The Desire To Be Submissive

“For men with a foot fetish it may be the only thing that gets them aroused — either touching the feet, fantasizing about it or talking about it. Some men have said that they want to be submissive to a woman’s foot, lay at her feet, rub, touch and smell her feet and toes, and lick them,” explains Dr. Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist.

  • The Disgust Of Feet

“Another theory suggests that your foot fetish may have more to do with disgust. As arousal levels heighten, your disgust instincts become less sharp and you no longer respond as strongly to disgust. This altered state of perception allows you to engage sexually with objects that you might normally find off-putting — like feet,” O’Reilly explains. “The taboo element of this theory falls in line with dominant cultural messages about sex: it is naughty, dirty and shameful; a foot fetish may be one outlet through which we reconcile the conflict between our experience of sexual pleasure and negative sexual messages.”

  • There Might Not Be A Specific Cause

And lastly — all experts agree that having a foot fetish might just be part of who you are and part of what makes you tick, with no special reasoning behind it. After all, as O’Reilly points out, one of the most beloved children’s fairy tales revolves around an obsession with a single slipper that fits on the most perfect foot: Cinderella. “The foot has a long history of romantic/erotic associations. The Cinderella story refers to her perfect, small foot fitting into the glass slipper. Several cultures have histories of emphasizing foot size as a sign of feminine/masculine attraction,” she says.

How to get RID of your feet fetish Cure Treatment


This is a tricky one. Fetishes don’t just disappear. It’s like saying that you can stop somebody from being homosexual. It just doesn’t happen. Every person is turned on by something. It could range from being excited from curves to feet.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. Millions of internet users search for these Hollywood celebrity feet photos everyday. The people who laugh at you are most likely turned on by something specific as well. You just need to embrace the fact that you get sexually aroused by feet. There is no need to be weird about it though. I hear stories where men steal women’s socks to sniff. In my opinion it’s kind of weird. Just let nature take its place.

I found a very interesting post from a girl whose BF has a foot fetish, this will help you decide if your Foot Fetish is GOOD or BAD !

Hey guys. I’m female and I can definitely tell you that there are women who absolutely LOVE having their feet rubbed, fondled, sucked, masturbated with, etc. and it isn’t anything for us to be ashamed of, so why should you be?? It seems that some of you are still fairly young. The older you get, the easier it will be to accept this as just one of the many things that excites you sexually .It’s really NOT a big deal—there are way more fetishes out there than you can imagine and this one is pretty benign in comparison—honestly.

My advice to you is to find a partner who doesn’t have ticklish feet and gets off on you obsessing over them. You’re making it sound so negative! Maybe I’m not getting the full picture? My feet are just one of my erogenous zones and I cant get enough of a man wanting to touch them! I’ve read that foot fetishism is the most common fetish so why cant I find a guy with one???? lol Unless you’re breaking the law to satisfy this urge, I wouldn’t sweat it ONE BIT!

What you might need to realize is of all fetishes a foot fetish is pretty much impossible to get rid of… It comes down to brain functionality.. Everyone has slightly different zones because the area of the brain repeated to sexual stimulation lies alongside other areas… A very common one relates to the feet and involves synapse cross overs between these two areas.

So if you get stimulated by someone touching your feet, your likely to also have a foot fetish and vice versa… The best advice would be to understand and accept your fetish and not let it control your sexual stimulation to the point you HAVE to have foot play to achieve stimulation… Then find someone with that shares your fetish who you can be comfortable to explore it with privately… Most fetishes are harmless and just add and extra dynamic to your experience.

If your partner doesn’t understand that either they aren’t mature enough or simply aren’t the right person for you Being in a relationship where both have a foot fetish helps a-lot, it removes stigma and judgement Repressing your urges and feeling will only lead to other mental state issues, such as anxiety or depression. Obv some fetishes cross the boundary of illegality and in these cases professional assistance

May be the only option, bit for the majority you need a) an understanding partner and b) a good support network of friends who accept you for who you are Maturity is often the biggest factor where this is concerned and for something as benign a. A foot fetish learn to understand and embrace it, rather than control and ignore it, you will be much happier in the long run as its very unlikely your fetish can be “cured” its just part of your nature and there is nothing wrong with you.



Although many articles on the web claim to have a cure for foot fetish or offer a foot fetish treatment, its not true. Foot Fetish is a stimulation of your mind, and one thing that can treat your foot fetish is YOGA.

Yes , you heard me right. YOGA & Meditation help you direct all your thoughts to a common pinnacle, and enable you to concentrate your mind on more useful things. People who meditate ,often find it very relaxing and content by the end of session. So next time you look at a beautiful woman walking toward you, try to concentrate your thoughts on how beautiful her soul is, and though you may look  down at her feet, that should not affect your thoughts on her.

Foot Fetish is NOT a disease or a condition, hence it cannot be cured with medicines or therapies. It definitely can be controlled and lowered by methods described above. So chill and relax. Fetish is an inseparable part of human life.

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