How can Indians ‘PUNISH’ China using Wallet Power

A video popped up on my Facebook feed and after watching it I got so motivated that, I immediately decided to pen down this post in the benefit of the whole world (specially Indians).

Innovator Sonam Wangchuk has urged people of India to boycott “Made in China” in response to Chinese aggression at the border in Ladakh over the past few weeks.

“Give up all Chinese software in a week, all Chinese hardware in a year,” said the man who inspired the character “Phunsuk Wangdu” in the bollywood blockbuster “3 Idiots”.

The innovator said he was giving up his Chinese-made phone within a week, and went on to explain why.


“On one hand, our soldiers are fighting them and on the other hand, we buy Chinese hardware and use software like the TikTok app, we give them business worth crores so they can arm their soldiers to fight against us,” he said.

India is the largest user of TikTok accounting for 62%

Sonam Wangchuk’s video, set in Ladakh with the Himalayas and river Sindhu in the backdrop, has been widely shared on social media. “What is your responsibility as a citizen, in this India-China border tension,” asks the 53-year-old inventor, talking about fighter jets flying overhead not far from where he sat.

“I am getting rid of my phone, which is made in China, within one week and in one year, anything that is made in china, I will throw out of my life,” he shared, urging each citizen to spread the message to 100 others.

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