50 Hottest Twitch Streamers | Popular Girls On Twitch In 2022

Check out some insanely hot twitch girls. These sexy female streamers are heating up the competiiton !

Deernadia (187K)

One of the cute girls you should probably be following on Instagram, Nadia is a weekday streamer and lifetime gamer, especially when it comes to Hearthstone and sexy cosplay. If you’re geeking out over her, you’re not alone, kids. This girl can move with the best of them and look hot doing it on her twitch channel.

Who is DeerNadia?

Nadia – full name unknown – was born on 30 January 1991, apparently on the East Coast of the USA, and is a Twitch streamer, as well as a former YouTube personality, best known for her rising to fame through her content on the video game “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”. She also did videos focused on the game “League of Legends”.

Deernadia 1

She’s of Italian and Venezuelan descent.  She has been very interested in gaming since she was young, eventually, she discovered the platform YouTube, and decided to try her hand at a career on it, creating an account in 2014.

She has an account on Instagram on which she has almost 40,000 followers. She promotes herself as a variety live streamer and doesn’t post on the website often, only photos from time to time. She has a tattoo in between her right shoulder and chest area she displays at times and also has tattoos on her legs. She has a Twitter account too, which has over 25,000 followers, but which she stopped using in 2017, stating her general dislike of the website. Prior to its inactivity, she mainly promoted her stream.

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