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Our list of Top 50 Hottest Twitch Streamers ranks all insanely beautiful female gamers on Twitch. This post is updated every week. Twitch is one of the biggest homes for the online gaming community whereby various gamers can tune in to different streamers and watch their favorite games being played. In 2022, 10.2 million unique streamers were using the service, and over 900 billion minutes of gaming were watched. Check out some insanely hot twitch girls.

Amouranth: 5.4 M Followers

Following an unexplained ban on her Twitch account, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa returns to the streaming service to discover she has lost 300,000 followers. One of the hottest girl streamers on Twitch.

Yo. I’m the weird girl that sits in a hot tub sometimes and flails around in pigeon/horse masks. My job is pretty awesome.

Amouranth, as we all know, is a controversial face on Twitch, who comes in for a fair amount of criticism for wearing revealing outfits during her stream or NSFR cosplay costumes which sometimes appear on her broadcasting. Nevertheless, the streamer is not the person who hesitates to make fun of herself, as evidenced in her live stream on June 12 involving a special twist on the classic Twister game.

The famous, hot, and sexy Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa just did an incredibly weird horse dance on her stream.

Amouranth does a mixture of gaming, IRL, and ‘Just Chatting’ streams on Twitch. Before her ban on March 12, Amouranth had a total of 1.41 million followers – 2nd of all female streamers on Twitch, behind only Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys.