Top10 Hottest Female DoTa 2 Players | Most Beautiful & Sexy Gaming Girls

5 | Rangsey “MagicNZ” Mou

Having played Dota 2 since the age of 15, MagicNZ is an impressive 23 year old carry player who is currently a member of team Asterisk. She is living in New Zealand and often plays on South Eastern Asian servers with 200 in ping. Despite this, she has managed to achieve a spectacular MMR of 6200. In Season 2 and 3 of the AEF Division 1 (an event in Oceania), she finished in 3rd place twice. Additionally, she has won the Australian 1v1 Summer Cup. Her favorite heroes include Phantom Assassin, Ember Spirit, Queen of Pain, Spectre, Juggernaut and Storm Spirit.

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